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Experimenting with new horns.

After my last update I added a set of Beyma cp21 on top of tpl-150 and was happy with the results even if this added the complication of a 4th way. This week I’m trying something different, by replacing the … Continue reading

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Replacing the old bass cabinets with the new ones.

A friend of mine, good with woodworking, had the time to build my new bass cabs recently and, last week-end I found the time to assemble everything. I’ve reporter building the bass cabs for two years so it was time, … Continue reading

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Experimenting with JMLC (Jean-Michel Le Cléac’h) horn loaded beyma tpl 150

I bought a pair of beyma TPL 150 with 4 horns (JMLC expansion) configured in dipole from a friend. Replacing my raal 70-20xr for something more efficient has been almost impossible so far but gave a shot to those. I’ve not … Continue reading

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My sound system as of June 2016

Someone asked me if I was still using the tannoy in my system. Since the beginning of the year I’ve return to horns. This is the actual setup. It’s not perfect on the aesthetic department and I have to make … Continue reading

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Mes jours d’audiophile sont derrière moi

C’est un constat que j’ai fait dernièrement en considérant installer un “mixer” de type studio dans ma chaine. Bon, l’idée est plus ou moins bonne mais juste de concevoir cela me semble une bonne indication que je n’ais plus grand … Continue reading

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