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Single ended tube amplifier using 808 and 6EM7 tubes

In a previous post I mentioned acquiring a pair of 808 tube amplifiers and over last two months I completely rebuilded the amplifiers in order to improve the sound quality and reduce the noise floor. The final circuit (lower in … Continue reading

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Quick update for my sound system

I’ve selected the bms 4526nd and azura horns 5/8″ 1200hz to replace the beyma tpl-150. I’ve since painted the horns in black. I also have a new pair of amplifier using 808 tubes in a shishido configuration in A2 operating … Continue reading

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Experimenting with new horns.

After my last update I added a set of Beyma cp21 on top of tpl-150 and was happy with the results even if this added the complication of a 4th way. This week I’m trying something different, by replacing the … Continue reading

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Replacing the old bass cabinets with the new ones.

A friend of mine, good with woodworking, had the time to build my new bass cabs recently and, last week-end I found the time to assemble everything. I’ve reporter building the bass cabs for two years so it was time, … Continue reading

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State of my audio system in early 2020

After a complete change of career, around 5 years ago, I didn’t had much time to invest in hobbies anymore. The limited free time I had was invested in learning more about pedagogy. This is Slowly changing, returning to more … Continue reading

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Ajouts de photo a mon compte flickr, adding pictures to my flickr account

Compte tenu qu’un blogue n’est pas la place idéale pour présenter des photos j’ai envoyé le tout sur un compte Flickr que vous pouvez consulter ici : Compte Flickr Sylvain Paquette’s account. Since exposing pictures on a blog isn’t quite … Continue reading

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Exporail St-Constant Lowkey Monochrome gallery

I went shooting at Exporail St-Constant and used my panasonic GX85 with an olympus 7-14mm F2.8, a panasonic 20mm F1.7 and a 42.5mm F1.7. Most shot are made using L.monochrome profile and fiddling with the filters and contrast. All shot … Continue reading

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Olympus 7-14mm F2.8 pro lense

Yesterday was my birthday and I got myself a nice gift … ok it wasn’t really my birthday but still got the lense. I’ve been using Micro 4/3 for couple of years now and still hasn’t got a UWA lense … Continue reading

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Experimenting with JMLC (Jean-Michel Le Cléac’h) horn loaded beyma tpl 150

I bought a pair of beyma TPL 150 with 4 horns (JMLC expansion) configured in dipole from a friend. Replacing my raal 70-20xr for something more efficient has been almost impossible so far but gave a shot to those. I’ve not … Continue reading

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Retour à la photographie comme passe temps, mes commentaires sur la panasonic GX85

Après avoir mis mes équipements photos de côtés dans les 2-3 dernières années, j’ai ressorti le tout pour faire un peu de ménage, recharger mes batteries et faire quelques photos. Mon vieux olympus pen e-pl1 fonctionne toujours mais il commence à … Continue reading

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