Quick update for my sound system

I’ve selected the bms 4526nd and azura horns 5/8″ 1200hz to replace the beyma tpl-150. I’ve since painted the horns in black.

I also have a new pair of amplifier using 808 tubes in a shishido configuration in A2 operating class. I’m including some temporary pictures.

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  1. Chuong Le says:

    Hi there, that is a very nice system, bravo.
    I have rca 808 tube amplifier to, I now want to upgrade mine but do not have much experience or knowhow. I had 3k5 ugt and replace it with 2k5, the bas is litte bit better but not nice as 2k5 ugt. Can you please give me some advice? Too bad that I do not have schematic circuit of the rca 807 amplifier, it is build by someone else. Br Le

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