Experimenting with new horns.

After my last update I added a set of Beyma cp21 on top of tpl-150 and was happy with the results even if this added the complication of a 4th way.

This week I’m trying something different, by replacing the tpl-150 on jmlc horns and installing a set of 2khz jmlc compression drivers. The drivers are BMS 4526 and the horns are wooden Joseph Crow horns for 0.63″ drivers.

This combination need some EQ and is only usable on an active setup like mine to work but, after finish one proper integration, I’m quite happy with the result. This is now a real 3 ways setup covering 20hz to 20khz. Since the efficiency is higher at 112 DB/w I’ve taken the time to lower the power output of my 2a3 Seth amps.

I will be living with this setup for some days before getting to any conclusion about if this is better or not than my tpl on jmlc horns. It’s certainly less of an eyesore and would be easier to fit on a metal rack with the 320hz horns.

Bms 4526 with JMLC 2khz white horns

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